G360 Plant Tracker 

Group 7 Thatcham Approved  

Sold Secure UK , European and Diamond Awards

Secure Recover Award – Police Approved Tracker

The G360, a market leading GPRS RFID Tracker offers unrivalled plant tracking protection for Plant and Machinery, Yachts, Shipping, Cars, PWC’s and Goods in Transit. The incorporated GPRS and Smart Beacon Technology provides excellent recovery, even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Includes eNCell technology, and a dedicated APN with 100 MB bandwidth offering guaranteed functionality, and total security. G360 GPRS RFID Tracker

A small investment gains you unique membership and support of the “secure and recover” team. Once alerted to a theft our dedicated team of trained professionals work 24/7 to track, secure and recover your property.

Using the GSM network, our G360 GPRS RFID Tracker can also be used to track your most important products and assets anywhere on land around the world.  The system offers near pinpoint accuracy using our secured, private, encrypted network, which also incorporates our unique eNcell protocol which is up to 80 times more accurate than standard GSM/GPRS tracking devices. No matter what you want track, this device is small, robust, durable and will last for up to 4 years on a single battery.

You have peace of mind knowing that you are tracking in complete privacy and traceable only by you over the Internet, iPhone, smart-phone, or PDA.

For vulnerable shipments of extreme value, such as works of art, heavily packed items, and goods that might be subject to industrial espionage, this is the international tracking system of choice.

This is new technology of the highest quality – and it works brilliantly. NFC products provide a level of security previously unavailable at an affordable price.

  • Dimensions: 99 × 85 × 58.5mm
  • Weight: 367g
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • GSM modem: Siemens
  • RF Beacon: 433/434 Mhz
  • The Only Group 7 Thatcham Battery Approved tracking Technology Available on the market
  • Sold Secure UK and Sold Secure European awards
  • Secure Recover award – Police approved
  • Proven track record in use by Government Agencies
  • Ultimate tracking capability technology
  • Small physical size – easily concealable, Choice of Super strong adhesive or specialist magnet to secure tracker
  • Hard-Wiring-Free: Allows Installation In Seconds
  • Hardware Easily Transferable Between Assets
  • Battery Life of up to 3 Years (reporting 6 times a day)
  • Unique eNCell Supercomputer based location system up to 80 times more accurate than GSM
  • Dedicated APN with 100 MB of Bandwidth for ultimate security and reliability
  • Unparalleled speed and over encrypted network
  • 3D motion detection system
  • The Latest Chipsets Available Word-Wide
  • 24 Hour, 365 days a Year Monitoring and dedicated recovery hotline 0330 999 0360
  • 24 Hotline to Optional police approved Global Asset Recovery Services
  • For Business and Domestic Use
  • Smart Beacon RDF Technology
  • IP67 waterproof grading – submergible to 1 meter underwater
  • Tamper switch and movement alarm
  • No reduction of battery power, as opposed to wired solutions
  • Dedicated, global SIM that works anywhere in the world at no extra cost
  • Device is officially approved and recognised by all insurance companies
  • Large companies may finder it cheaper to self insure their assets than pay large insurance premiums
  • Exact tracking device already contracted to one of the worlds largest car manufacturer
  • No specialist installation required
  • Easily concealed
  • No external antenna
  • Low battery notification