Real Time Dog Tracking Collar

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Real Time Dog Tracking Collar

Basic dog tracking collars have been around for quite a while. The Orion Data Network dog tracking collar is unlike any other on the global market.

How is it different, and what makes it extraordinary? Well, without getting into too much technical detail, this collar will report every 30 seconds using a single AA battery, without the requirements of a SIM card, GPS, GSM or any expensive ongoing monthly subscriptions. This dog-tracking collar evolved from our award winning Private Data Network. It is bite-proof, waterproof and extremely rugged in design, although weighing-in at just 28 grams (plus your choice of collar). Dog Tracking Collar

This dog tracking collar reports over the Orion network, using the licence free 433 MHZ frequency. Positions can be determined using RSSI (received signal strength information) and analog scanners. Using this technology the battery uses only a tiny percentage of the energy required by GPS or GSM devices, which are extremely battery hungry.

Features: Device weight of just 28 grams, real time tracking, shock monitoring, motion alerts, temperature, time, tilt, battery reports, waterproof, bite-proof, AA battery sized device – add a centimeter either side for additional bite proofing, optional high tensile integrated braided steel with deadlock.

If you have any questions about the Orion dog tracking collar, please contact the office and we will be happy to answer your questions. Please note, we do not sell devices to the general public, we deal only with accredited wholesale distributors. We are a UK based manufacturer, and all Orion Data Network hardware is designed and built only in the UK.