B360 Military Grade High Value Asset Tracker

Asset tracking:
The B360 high value GPS Asset tracker employs a combination of eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology to provide high accuracy results and high recovery rates. The B360 also has full satellite communication. The B360 gives you the added benefit of being able to manage alerts from RFID sensors due to a TDR built onto the board. This allows the B360 to read sensors such as PIR for protection against trailer or container theft, line seal monitoring exact location of time and date of trailer container intrusion. Other sensors used are fuel monitoring for warning in low fuel and shock log sensors used for cargo protecting notifying of harsh handling or damage.

The scope of the B360 reaches far beyond simply high value GPS asset tracking as it can assist and improve a variety of operations. However, a broad range of applications requires a fully flexible approach to satisfy the specific requirements that each project brings. This flexibility is enabled by independent tags that communicate remotely with the B360. They act as the eyes and ears of the unit transmitting information on movement, temperature and shock, which is then collated and relayed via the B360.  B360 asset tracking device

Fuel sensing and generator management:
One current solution is securing electricity generators whilst simultaneously monitoring their fuel levels. A B360 is installed in each generator, which relays information from its associated tags when fuel levels are high or low. The online management server provides a centralised point from which thousands of generators can be monitored and managed.

1. Senses when fuel levels are high and low.
2. Alerts the customer to those generators which need urgent attention.
3. Monitors the efficiency and performance of those refilling the tanks.
4. Secures the generator with active alarms and tracking on standby.

High value freight monitoring:
Functioning in a similar way, but differing significantly in application, this system is tailored to monitor high value assets when in transport. 4 G-sensors are attached to the asset, monitoring any drops, vibrations and impact that the unit encounters along the way. This information is then relayed to the management portal via the associated B360.

1. Ensures high value products are looked after in transit.
2. Shifts liability for damaged goods.
3. Can be interfaced to satellite communications so all products are monitored in real time whilst at sea

  • Dimensions: 99 × 85 × 58.5mm
  • Weight: 367g
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • GSM modem: Siemens
  • RF Beacon: 433/434 Mhz
  • Can tell the difference between various movements including motion, tilt and vibration. Units are fully flexible and can be set to alarm or ignore any of these criteria.
  • Internal tamper plate:
  • Once activated, the unit can be set to alarm if removed or altered in any way, working to prevent sabotage.
  • Choice of battery:
  • The first provides an extensive battery life of around 4 years*, whilst the second more compact pack lasts around 2.5 years* (* based on a standard reporting cycle).
  • IP67 weather-proof casing:
  • Ideal for protecting assets in all environments.
  • Reporting flexibility:
  • All units report back to the server at defined intervals according to their status. Each can have separate settings for when in default, motion or alarm.
  • Data transmission:
  • To guarantee data communication anywhere in the world global sims are used offering fixed roaming costs, and where GSM is not available revert to Satellite communication over the Globalstar network, enabling tracking on land or at Sea
  • eNCell positioning:
  • High yield, high accuracy, 3x more accurate than standard cell id.
  • The latest GPS chipsets:
  • Provide low power GPS positions without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Supercomputer Based Positioning System – able to determine locations in the most difficult of conditions (for instance having buried)
  • RFID beacon technology:
  • Changeable frequency and power output to provide clear reception in the most difficult environments and defeat jamming.
  • Dedicated Network APN:
  • Uses a unique APN with up to 100MB of bandwidth available, giving unrivalled speed and security.
  • Global Coverage
  • Surface Mount Design
  • FCC Modular Pre-Certified
  • Low Current
  • Long Battery Life
  • Smallest Satellite Transmitter Available
  • Part of the MMT and SMARTONE Products
  • Operates over the Globalstar Simplex data network