Rural Crime Prevention  


Rural Crime Prevention

Estate security is a very sensitive area. Estate security is more than just jewellery. Works of art can be anywhere, indoors or outdoors and all of them represent tempting targets.  Then there are the assets that are common to estates and farms alike. There is the machinery to run and maintain the estate, tractors, quad bikes, tools and even the horses or livestock. The problems with estate security are very different to the problems encountered in city. For a start, stud farms, livestock farms and country manors are by definition in remote areas. This means that the communications needs require special attention. This might include improving the broad band, fitting remote access points and even local antennas to provide wide area coverage on other frequencies. There may or may not be an existing CCTV infrastructure to integrate with.

The benefits of estates in general are  that there tend to be staff living on site and access to these rural areas is normally limited to a few roads. This actually makes the command and control processes easier because the first responders are on hand and movements of the criminals are constrained. Better yet, there may only be a few houses in a single valley so that identification and alert of an attack in one spot can be quickly shared between all site security details making the likelihood of intercepting the criminals even higher. For livestock, the problems can be slightly different for different types. Horses are often stabled or kept close. Sheep may be allowed to wander over hills. In this case the best defence is often to tag the gates or access points because sheep or cattle rustling involves vehicles which means the animals have to be rounded up and driven to specific areas for loading. Where rustling can take place on foot, particularly in South Africa, it is the movement of members of the herd along certain routes at odd times, that is the first sign of trouble. Again, if the community can respond quickly, these events can be stopped. The real key to all of the estate based security is improved command and control brought about by better visibility of assets and access points.

Rural Crime Prevention – Solution

The solution is to fit Orion tags onto key assets and also onto important access points such as gates, stable doors and even fences. This shows where things are and what is in motion. Typically during daylight hours this means that the alarms are not active on the access points but in the night, opening and closing of these gates needs to be flagged up immediately.

Animals and livestock might have collars where a percentage are false tags and a number are real tags. In this case you are forcing the rustlers to spend time removing collars and therefore slowing their operation down. If information on an open gate has already alerted security, then buying more time is always important.

Tractors on site might already be tracked using GSM/GPS. However in a remote rural area the systems are unreliable because there is no network to connect with most of the time. To save battery power the systems only report a few times a day. An Orion tag will alert in seconds on the activity. If it is out of hours then this can be generated as an automatic alert.

Rural Crime Prevention Asset visibility, things moving off site, can be viewed and alerted upon using the Orion system. This is the normal case of events. However, there is a more subtle type of attack that the system can also defend against. In general paintings might be snatched but the days of daring do robberies and cat thieves are largely passed in the art world. Now the best way to rob a painting is in broad daylight. Typically, the criminals book a reputable removal firm using a bogus set up, often posing as an art restorer. The firm duly turns up to the right place at the right time with all the correct paperwork and gets through security. A big site security team might have seen many pictures removed from site for restoration in this way in the past. The picture is then dropped off at the bogus restorer and it has effectively been stolen through clever admin.

When you imagine the number of artworks held in offices where even the workers have no idea what painting should be coming or going, you can imagine the problem. The easy solution is an Orion tag on the inside of every frame. In real time you see the picture move. The important point is that the system can forward this information to someone who knows whether or not that picture should be moving. Security can then prevent it leaving the premises and the criminals can then be chased up. In this case the Orion system is simply providing better admin or as it is sometimes called, a global asset registry.

Rural Crime Prevention – Benefits

The Orion tags are small, low cost and easy to install. They do not fits our use a SIM card, so no running costs beyond basic maintenance. The batteries last anywhere from a year up to five years depending on the size of the case used. The Orion tags are small, low cost and easy to install. They do not use a SIM card, so no running costs beyond basic maintenance. The batteries last anywhere from a year up to five years depending on the size of the case used.