Plant Tracking & Recovery  

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Plant Tracking – Thatcham Accredited

NFC have a vast wealth of experience in the plant tracking systems market and are regularly invited to submit tenders at the highest level. NFC offer various turnkey solutions for the plant tracking market and we also offer an international recovery service. Statistics show that our current plant recovery ratio is running at 94% within 9 hours. With the majority of plant packed into metal containers to be shipped to the EU through one of the UK major ports within 24 hours, it is imperative to have real time monitoring, and a response capability that is both secure and speedy. Plant security devices

The industry’s raw data on stolen plant makes extremely unattractive reading. Industry statistics report that theft costs the plant industry nearly £1 billion annually, and that is an accelerating trend. Theft has driven up the cost of insurance hugely and has put many companies out of business. With tight Industry margins the loss of a major piece of plant can wipe out profits and cause ongoing issues for the company suffering the loss.  Smaller companies that cannot replace missing plant instantly from stock are particularly vulnerable to the risk of further migration of customer loyalty.  All plant companies are faced with the prospect of holding higher stock levels of vital plant in order to service customers’ urgent requirements following theft.

In addition to our current GPS GSM plant tracking devices, NFC have recently completed the development of an entirely new tracking system which is aimed at and perfectly suited to the plant tracking market. This outstanding new tracking system was designed to address existing and potential customers’ concerns about ongoing cost.  The solution we have developed is set to become the industry standard for the plant tracking sector.

Highlight features are:

Extremely affordable tracking device.
AAA battery size device.
One year battery life.
No SIM card.
No monthly cost.
Broken down unit cost starting at 12p per day.