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Construction Site Security & Audit – Summary

Construction sites are full of things to steal. Whether it is the equipment on hire, scaffolding, generators or even for porta cabins being ransacked for printers and PCs, they present a tempting target. It is interesting to note that in the plant hire market thefts died after the 2008 recession and crime generally went down. The simple reason being that the majority of the plant and machinery in the country was locked away in compounds. It is the growth of the construction industry, post-recession, that means once again fields up and down the country are dotted with pieces of machinery.

All construction sites are different, generalisations are dangerous. Site security will often include CCTV as standard. This is more of a deterrent than a practical benefit. Passive Infra-Red (PIR) alarms are also common but these tend to be prone to false alarms. Tarpaulins blowing in the wind, for instance, means that the PIRs are frequently ignored or even disabled over time.

Some pieces of equipment bring other liabilities, scaffolding being one. Scaffolding grants access to a perhaps otherwise secure building. Some sites struggle to finish with all the fixtures and fittings, as they can be robbed almost in the last days of completion. Other sites that are being renovated have essentials like boilers removed.

Solution  construction site security

One solution is to have tighter control without all the false alarms. This makes better use of the existing CCTV infrastructure and improves site security. The second solution is to track individual items so that they can be seen entering or leaving the area. This is a geofence style warning on the equipment that should not be leaving the area. All of these solutions can be achieved quickly and efficiently with either Orion GPS tags, or standard Orion motion tags. The key element is the near real time audit of the equipment on site and also the alarm functions. Again, as with all site security solutions, the most important element is to have figured out what happens when a verified alarm goes off. In some ways, tracking equipment that has left the site is easier than responding when people are still on the site. NFC provides surveillance, monitoring and recovery teams for picking up stolen assets. NFC does not provide fixed security details at sites.


The benefit of an integrated site and asset security system is that it can all be controlled from one simple browser interface. The application is tried and tested. Handling alarms and sending alerts to local security teams and national recovery agents as necessary. Together with the SIM free, hassle free, Orion tag system for both monitoring and recovery of assets, it’s a simple and easy security system for any construction site.