Waste Management 

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GPS Waste Management

Environmentally responsible business practice is a hot topic at the moment, with the demand for visibility and accountability regarding the disposal of waste at the forefront. In order to comply with increasingly stringent laws and guidelines, businesses the world over are either investing in outsourcing this task, or choosing to manage it themselves. Coupled with the high price of metal, all businesses managing waste have an ever increasing stake invested in the waste disposal equipment, which is simultaneously under greater risk of theft. waste management solutions

There is now a greater need than ever to implement sustainable tracking solutions across this vast sector, for both management and security purposes. It is however a very wide and diverse sector, with the value of equipment being significantly variable. As such, we are aware that budgets and requirements can vary significantly from customer to customer, and our broad range of solutions reflects this.

For site based waste management, our Orion GPS Tag solution is able to monitor all equipment whilst on site, as well as automatically logging any tagged incoming or outgoing equipment, alerting the user if necessary.

Larger equipment, such as skips and commercial bins are often leased out on requirement. In these circumstances, the end destination of the equipment is unknown so it is necessary to deploy GSM/GPS based equipment such as the B360. This ruggedized device is able to withstand exposure the tough environment experienced by the equipment, and is the ideal choice for resilient monitoring within GSM coverage.

For waste disposal vehicles or any equipment known to be travelling outside of GSM coverage, there are affordable satellite solutions available including the T360. Whilst communicating GPS coordinates less frequently, this enables GPS waste management in some of the most remote regions.