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GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer tracking  – The vast majority of the worlds shipping, quantified both in volume and value, is transported using containers. Goods in a supply chain shipped via containers can take months to complete their passage. The reality is that assets with a total value in trillions are scattered in containers around the world. Reefer real-time tracking

At sea, with fewer working options for communication it is very difficult to monitor assets. NFC provide answers and various shipping GPS Trailer tracking systems solutions. We have extensive specialist knowledge of the global shipping industry and have developed reliable solutions for container tracking. Our systems are used and respected throughout the industry.

We offer both tailored and off-the-shelf solutions. For immediate delivery, the NFC M360 tracker attached to the outside of container – is able to report via satellite five times a day for eight years on a single battery, allowing asset tracking to be fully managed with our custom software.

NFC trackers provide real-time confirmation of theoretical computer generated information. This product pays for its deployment very swiftly, especially where container contents are subject to time expiration, or where critical contracted delivery or transfer dates demand absolute certainty.

If you require further information on GPS trailer tracking please contact the office and we will more than happy to offer you advise on what tracking solution is best suited for your needs. We have GPS trailer tracking devices which will last over 10 years on a single battery charge. Prices are subject to quantity ordered, for large government tender we are able to offer the lowest prices on certain products anywhere on the world.