Generator Management 

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Generator Monitoring, Security and Fuel Sensing

Mobile industrial generators are indispensable for the continued reliability of fixed systems. Because of this, it is essential that companies are capable of  monitoring both the performance and safety of these products. This challenge can be especially taxing for companies who do not monitor their generators remotely. A large proportion of emergency and supplementary generators are mounted on mobile platforms, these units are susceptible to being moved without the company’s consent and without their knowledge. Similarly, for those who do not use remote monitoring, the process of regular check-ups required to ensure maximum unit performance is both costly and inconvenient. NFCt leaders in the generator monitoring, security and fuel sensing sector. generator monitoring

Companies are compelled to ensure generator security in spite of these difficulties. The result – costly and unnecessary over maintenance. NFC provides a solution to this problem. Through a combination of our leading fixed place and mobile asset tracking technology, in addition to precision remote generator fuel sensors, NFC constitutes the most cost effective and reliable generator management service. This enhanced security combined with effective monitory inevitably translates into increased costumer satisfaction. Our system accumulates information on product location and status which can be used to:

  • Guarantee continued reliability
  • Reduce the risk of generator fuel depletion
  • Provide optimal timing for servicing 
  • Limit the need for emergency repairs
  • Minimize costs incurred
  • Maximize profits
  • Promote customer relations