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Conflict Zones – Summary

Conflict zones have unfortunately become a regular thing in the 21st century. Whilst the combatants are usually well armed and supplied it, is the support elements, NGOs and aid agencies that are often left behind. These organisations have a real time command and control requirement for everything from the logistics to the personnel.

Frequently the need to provide emergency aid means that people from the NGOs and aid agencies need to be deployed on the ground in less than ideal circumstances. Their safety and security is often a matter for their own procedures and personnel to manage. Violence and kidnap are an everyday threat. Vigilance and careful monitoring of workers is the only reasonable solution.

GPS asset tracking


The Orion system can provide an immediate drop in network for command and control of personnel. The range and coverage of the network can be expanded and the tools it provides can help with everything from panic alarms to remote sensors on fences and warehouses. Where mapping is sparse and there is a threat of mines, then being able to see everyone is of great benefit. Furthermore, it provides an important adjunct in operations where there are friendly ground forces and blue on blue casualties are a possibility. It has long been the case that the co-ordination between different elements on the ground can provide invaluable information when planning an intervention. Orion provides a simple, low costs command and control system from NGOs and aid organisations that they can deploy anywhere.


An Orion drop in network can be established off the back of normal satellite or GSM communications. It can be deployed very quickly and provide an immediate command and control solution.

Access to the system is via a secure browser interface and the system can be used for sensors as well as asset and people tracking.