Real-Time Deployment

asset tracking

Real-Time Cargo Deployment

NFC Group offer real-time cargo monitoring and cargo analytics anywhere in the supply chain over the Orion Network. We have a new dedicated to the Orion data network website which can be found here

The basis of tracking in transit is to monitor the environment during the asset’s time on the move within the supply chain. The tracker records against a list of set parameters, once it’s back in Orion coverage, the tags send a detailed report on position, time of arrival, excessive impacts, temperature and humidity variations, and at what time such events occurred during transit. The result is that assets are closely monitored at all stages of transit – every movement is accounted for.

Existing clients currently using the Orion network  include some of the most recognisable companies in the world. We work with over 100 organisations including numerous government agencies, NGOs and a diverse range of business sectors such as oil and gas, private security forces, exploration, and car manufacturing. We hold several industry-recognised tracking and logistics based awards.

The infographic below, shows by installing a low cost gateway on a plane, it creates a real-time asset tracking environment for any asset within range.

Asset tracking system