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ATM Tracking and Security Solutions

The increase in incidences of ATM theft presents the banking industry with a major problem. Each theft of an ATM unit represents a series of losses: the cash within the unit, the damage or complete loss of expensive machinery, and the ongoing loss of customer facility. ATM tracking is a proven viable solution to battle this growing problem. ATM Tracking

NFC was recently consulted by one of the UK’s foremost food retailers who were considering the installation of ATM tracking and monitoring devices in all of their ATM units.

The resulting bespoke NFC ATM tracking devices, designed in house to a specification agreed after consultation, offers outstanding protection against theft and tampering. The exact specifications of these trackers are not published, however we can mention some of the most important details. The unit is able to sense unusual activities around and within the ATM’s environment – factors such as excessive vibration, temperature and tilt, may all indicate an attempt to open or move the equipment.

ATM protection requires specialist trackers. GPS is not suitable in this application because such units, buried within the body of the ATM, would not be visible to satellites. The alternative GSM does not deliver the accuracy required to pinpoint the location of such high value assets. NFC offer the industry’s leading solution.

The NFC ATM tracking device is unique and formidable: proven and fully functioning. Underlying the NFC solution is our own eNcell protocol – working on a supercomputing platform designed to process data from 6 cell communication towers at any moment in time.

The statistics from the system are outstanding. In normal operational conditions, 97% of assets can be tracked to within 29 meters of their current location anywhere in the world. This system is approximately 80% more accurate than GSM positioning and is rightly regarded as the new benchmark in the security tracking industry. This remarkably accurate system uses very little power so the devices installed in an ATM can remain without the requirement for charge for up to 5 years.

More recently this solution has been supplied to an even higher specification. In order to provide even greater accuracy- ATM tracking devices are now fitted with highly accurate RFID tags. The statistic returns using combined eNcell and RFID speak for themselves. During the last year 98% of stolen assets equipped with this system were recovered within 5 hours.

NFC are constantly working with and developing cutting edge ATM tracking technology to reduce ATM thefts.