For over 15 years, NFC have been at the forefront of the asset tracking industry.
We provide market leading asset tracking & security solutions to the global market.

asset tracking

Asset Tracking Systems

NFC monitor, track and recover assets worldwide. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking devices and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

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Orion Data Network

Privately owned Orion Data Network – Low power long range real-time asset tracking and security network being utilised the world over. Manage your global assets in real-time whilst reducing commercial costs by more than 75%. Dramatically increased supply chain productivity,  See how the Orion Network can benefit your business today.

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Asset Tracking Solutions

Evolved from the security sector over the last decade, the Orion IoT Data Network is now serving a wealth of markets across the globe. NFC specialise in the oil & gas, military, government, healthcare, global shipping and security industries. See our primary markets of expertise to see how Orion can reduce costs and increase productivity.

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NFC Group offers a diverse range of market-leading asset tracking systems and asset tracking devices that deliver complete tracking solutions for companies, governments and NGOs. We specialise in supply chain, GPS container and GPS asset tracking by land, sea, and air, even in the most remote environments. We also offer a bespoke hardware and software solutions service for the most demanding of tracking situations. We aim to deliver within budget and to agreed deadlines.

Contact NFC today to speak with an asset tracking expert for a deliverable and reliable asset tracking solution in any field of operation.

Primary Markets

Construction Site Assets

Monitor, track and recover construction site assets in real-time. Unique, cost effective, physically small asset tracking tags covertly installed in even the smallest of construction site assets.


Shipping Containers

Real-time, worldwide container analytics, saving up 75% on comparative technologies. Monitor temperature, movement, shock, speed and location. Unique to market ‘black box’ beacon recovery mode.


Lone worker tracking

Lone Workers

Specialist lone worker tracking, security and safety solutions, man down technology. Incorporating SOS functionality and two way communications. Varying hardware forms factors available depending on client requirements.


Oil & Gas Assets

Our core and largest market. Real-time cost effective Oils & Gas asset tracking and visibility solutions. Manage your Oil & Gas estates asset with ease whilst reducing production downtime and increase productivity.


Plant Machinery

Millions of pounds worth of plant is stolen every year in the UK alone. NFC have a proven record spanning over a decade tracking and recovering stolen plant assets across the EU carried out by in-house NFC recovery specialists.


Military Assets

Covert / overt real-time military asset tagging, track and recover assets in the supply chain to field deployment asset analytics. Asset deployment tracking combining RF and GPS technologies.


Hospital and Care Home Assets

Large sites with critical monitoring and alerting requirements require specialist solutions. Low cost active tracking tags last for years on a single charge and offer real-time asset visibility. Incredibly versatile applications.


Wildlife & Conservation

NFC currently track, monitor and secure the Black Rhinos of Tanzania in real-time. Orion GPS tags offer RTLS even in some of the worlds most challenging of environments. Track anything from endangered birds to elephants.


ATM tracking

High Value Assets

This is where it all started for NFC. Trusted by some of the worlds largest security companies, our tracking technologies have stood the test of time protecting some of the world’s most demanding asset tracking security applications.


Orion Data Network

The Orion Network provides an alternative to traditional GSM and satellite tracking technologies. Key benefits include real-time asset tracking and visibility solutions across the globe whilst significantly reducing operational costs by more than 75%

Global Data Network

The Orion Network can be deployed anywhere in the world quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Unlimited Applications

Almost any asset or application that requires real-time data can join the Orion network.

Asset tracking

Unlimited Scalability

Orion allows users to scale their network without limitations and create a private data and security network.

Smart Technology

Orion hardware is among the smartest technology available on the market today.

Reduce Commercial Costs

Joining the network is simple and could save your organisation up 75% of the cost of comparable technologies.

Intelligent Data

It’s not only Orion hardware that is packed with technology.

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British technology

NFC proudly designs, builds and manufactures all Orion hardware and backend infrastructure in the UK. Why? well, quality is key. With our production lines so close to NFC offices, we are able to maintain quality of product, service and ongoing support simply not available outside of the EU. Critical assets require quality solutions.


asset tracking

Our clients

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